Orçun İlbeyli

Product Designer


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Hello. My name is Orçun İlbeyli. I am a product designer with cinema and front-end development background. Currently I live in İzmir, Turkey.

I have started my journey in digital industry in 2007 in my own blog called “Nucro Blog”. I have wrote more than 400 articles about tech world and personal experiences for seven years. Alongside with other bloggers in Turkey, I have played major role in Turkish blog-o-sphere. Unfortunately, after rise of social media, I ended up with discontinuing it.

About Orçun

After my graduation from university, I needed to make a decision between cinema and digital industry. I followed my dream and headed to my current path. With the knowledge I have acquired from my art school and previous experiences, I have decided to be a designer. I can’t deny, the idea behind “design thinking” affected me most while making this decision. Since then, I have worked with many freelance and opensource projects and my recent journey was at Nolte as Product Designer for 2,5 years. Currently I am working as freelancer.

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